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Factors of everyday life can put an abundant strain on a relationship. Severe stressors may include resentment, infidelity, intimacy issues, lack of trust, and miscommunication. When problems go unresolved, or a partner is suffering from mental illness or health complications, one can feel helpless or have feelings of guilt or shame. Communicating effectively on both parts can alleviate emotional anxiety from subjects of all kind.

Couples therapy is about helping you to learn and practice the tools that help you achieve a better relationship.We strive to remove the idea that being in conflict is bad or that you are doing something wrong because you disagree with one another. In session, we support you in figuring out where you experience stumbling blocks in your approach to conflict and how you deal with your physiological responses.

Once you have made the decision to invest in your mental wellness, we will schedule your initial session. This also ensures that your time slot is protected. The following sessions will be scheduled at the end of each session. 

*Length of Commitment: This will look different for everyone. We recommend meeting with your therapist weekly in the beginning (first 3-4 months) in order to establish a therapeutic rapport and see significant results . 


*Length of Following Couples Therapy Sessions: 50 minutes 

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